Archer Cathro offers a wide variety of services to clients ranging from private equity groups to junior explorers to major mining companies. Our services include exploration concept generation utilizing our extensive data base and considerable experience. Our well qualified team is capable of advancing projects from discovery through target evaluation, definition drilling and resource estimation. In addition, Archer Cathro’s logistical services nicely complement our client’s exploration work.

The company maintains a fleet of vehicles and rents camp and exploration gear. These serve as a great convenience for our clients and can result in considerable savings.

During advanced exploration, additional studies are typically conducted to better understand the projects metallurgical characteristics, mineral resources, economics and environmental impacts. Archer Cathro has the experience to design, support and manage all aspects of the work programs needed to address these issues and to help prepare the associated National Instrument 43-101 reports.

Archer Cathro can also provide office support to cover all of the project stages from initial design to completion. We can obtain the necessary permits to conduct the program prior to implementing the designed program. During operation we provide timely expenditure estimates and project updates and can make rapid changes to the program in response to results and our client’s needs. Once complete, results of the project can be compiled in a formal written report in any form needed, including NI43-101, and we can file all applicable work for assessment credits.

We believe that good communication is essential for modern exploration. Archer Cathro provides effective links and integrated management solutions that ensures continuity from the earliest concept stages through to the advanced engineering stages.

Please contact us at to see how our team can help you achieve your exploration goals.

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